Week 5: Pajama Day, Update and Spelling.

Spelling Year 3: tremor boundary epicenter coordinate quadrant chorus echo stomach scheme ache

Spelling Year 4:  tremor boundary epicenter coordinate quadrant submerge submarine subway supervise supersede

Dear Parents and Children,

It is great to have a full week under our belt. We have accomplished much and had a lot of fun in the Year 3-4 class this week.

The highlight of this week was the Pajama Day today. I am pleased that so many children came dressed up in the name of a worthy cause. Well done to Anna, the winner from our class, for her amazing unicorn outfit. I am sure the students enjoyed the popcorn and juice treats, courtesy of the HFS PTA, as they watched the short movie. A great day was had by all.

KakaoTalk_20200207_160002168 KakaoTalk_20200207_155958554 KakaoTalk_20200207_155945882

In English this week the students made story maps out of our class reader, “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” and planned and started their own fantasy stories. I am excited to see what their creative minds can concoct. We also learned about “ch” words making “k” sounds and the “sub” and “super prefixes in our grammar.

20200204_121032 20200204_121026 20200204_121023 20200204_121016

In Math the students practiced their short division methods and applied that to solving word problems. They also had fun playing math games. Next week we will start on our Geometry unit looking at coordinates and axes.


We had a lot of hands-on learning fun in IPC as we explored earthquakes. The students built towns and then created earthquakes to see what would happen to them.

KakaoTalk_20200207_154020594 KakaoTalk_20200207_154017605 KakaoTalk_20200207_154024315

We then learned about how earthquakes are measured in terms of how strong they are and how long they last and made seismographs to test this.

anna KakaoTalk_20200207_154013600 KakaoTalk_20200207_154013374 KakaoTalk_20200207_154010303

We had a special lesson about the different types of germs and the sicknesses they cause and how they spread in light of the current corona-virus outbreak. I am glad that the students are well-informed about this situation.

KakaoTalk_20200207_154002056 KakaoTalk_20200207_154005723

On Monday the year 3-4’s will conduct the school assembly. the theme is Teamwork and they have prepared a fun activity around that topic. Join us at 1:30 pm on Monday to see that as well as the work that they have been doing these past few weeks.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Kearney

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