Week 3 Open Day and Seollal

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Dear Parents and Children,

A short but eventful week has passed at HFS in the year 3 – 4 Johannesburg class.

The two big events being the open day on Monday and our Seollal celebration. I am glad that parents could get the opportunity to see our students engaging with augmented reality in the classroom. The students had fun using AR to research different countries.


The students also looked spectacular in their Hanboks and clothing from their country for our Seollal celebration.  We made posters and wish cards and the students prepared presentations about Seollal for the assembly. We then enjoyed some traditional Korean games to round-off the fun-filed program. An enjoyable day was had by all.



We kept busy the rest of the week with regular learning. In English we read through chapter 9 of “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” and the students prepared plays about the first part of the book. We will watch them next week.


In Math the students moved on from decimals to negative numbers understanding that tenths and hundredths, while very small, are still larger than 0 and negative numbers. We applied this to looking at thermometers and performing calculations in changes of temperature in degrees Celsius.


In IPC we had a blast making clay volcanoes and then watching them erupt by mixing water, baking soda, dish washing liquid and adding vinegar. The students also worked in groups researching actual volcanoes from around the world and making posters for our display board. Next week we will continue with plate tectonics and look at earthquakes.

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Finally, we are all glad that Reyansh has returned (Now we can eat).

That is all for this week. Have a joyous and prosperous Seollal and Lunar New Year

Mr Kearney.

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