Reports, Winter Show and Week 15 Update

Dear Parents and Children,

What a fantastic week it has been. The students outdid themselves in their performances in the Winter Show last night. Well done to everyone for all their hard work in creating an amazing evening of entertainment. The students enjoyed being creative making crafts and stage props for their set.



In class this week the Year 3-4 students were still busy. We completed our news report scripts in groups and rehearsed them to be ready to record next week. They have linked this to their IPC unit to include an interview with a significant person from history in their news report.



In Math the students made pie charts from pirate treasure and reviewed fractions, understanding equivalent fractions.

In P.E. the students had fun in their cooperation games unit using the parachute to work together to control balls. What a spectacle!


There is no spelling this week but the students do have homework in the form of writing a newspaper story on one of the images provided. It should include all the typical features of newspaper articles that we have learned about. The students must also interpret pie charts as we have done in class and the Year 4 students must create a pie chart using the information given.


Please be advised that reports went home with your child today. Please review the report and complete the parent’s comments section and bring it with you to the parent teacher conferences on Wednesday. I look forward to seeing you there.

A further reminder that there will be no club activities next week (except for swimming lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday). Please make arrangements to collect your child from school at 3:30 pm if they do not take the school bus home.

That is all for this week. Do have a wonderful weekend and keep warm.

Mr. Kearney



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