Week 14 Update, Spelling and Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-ups

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Dear Parents and Children,

A dynamic week of fun and learning it has been in the Year 3-4 Johannesburg class.


In English the students are working on their final group project creating a news report. They will write, rehearse and record a video news report and link with their IPC unit “They made a difference” and research a significant person from history to interview.

In Math we learned about percentages and their relationship to fractions as we continued our section on data handling now moving on to pie charts.


In IPC The students worked in groups and selected and researched a person of significance from history for their ICT class to create a fact file towards creating a biography. Next week the students will work individually, choosing a person that they feel is important in history and create a biography of that person.


We continued with our cooperation games unit in P.E. and the students had to work together to create continuous chains to carry a ball using pool noodles They also had to solve the riddle of the farmer crossing the river with a lion, a rabbit and a bag of carrots, acting it out with P.E. material. I am pleased that they could work out the complicated solution in teams.


Other than subject learning, the students enjoyed making colorful snowflake crafts for sale at the Winter show next week and we enjoyed show and tell presentations from Logan who shared his baseball medal winning with the class and an interesting presentation from Reyansh and Jeremy about the universe.




I am so proud at their hard work in rehearsing their songs for the Winter Show next week. The lyrics for the songs wen t home with their homework today so please ensure that they practice over the weekend. The lyrics for “Santa’s stuck up in the Chimney” can be found by clicking here and the words for “I hate Christmas” can be found by clicking here. A gentle reminder that students should wear a combination of red, white and black clothing for the show.


A reminder that the Parent-Teacher conferences will take place on Wednesday 11 December from 10:30 am and throughout the day. the sign-up sheet is in the office so please fill in your desired slot by Friday 6 December. That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney.

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