Week 12 update and Spelling

Spelling Year 3 Biography connectives interview represent data actually tragically magically comically accidentally

Spelling Year 4 Biography connectives interview represent data permission possession discussion expression mission

Dear Parents and Children,

I am pleased to report that we have notched another full week of learning in the Year 3-4 Johannesburg class.

Firstly, congratulations to Jeremy for winning our Spelling bee. He performed exceptionally, spelling some rather tricky words. Well done to our runners up, Juveria and Cherry Blossom and also to our finalist, Reyansh. They all put in a lot of effort into studying the list of words to prepare for the competition.

In Class this week the learning progressed steadily. In English we learned about words with “lly” endings and “ssion” suffixes”. We also learned about coordinating conjunctions using FANBOYS (For, and, nor, but, or, yet, so) and applied them to sentences which we will use for our report writing in the coming weeks. The students were also showed the song they will be performing in the Winter Show. Please click here to get a copy of the lyrics so that they may study at home.

In Math we started our unit on data handling by looking at different kinds of graphs and charts. We proceeded to learn about scaled bar graphs as the students made their own using given data and then moved on to interpreting other scaled bar graphs.


In IPC we continued our exploration of significant people from history looking at people from the past and present as well as placing them on a world history timeline across the gymnasium floor to get an understanding of how much time there is in recorded history.



In P.E. we are working on cooperation games using different equipment; balls, hula hoops and noodles as the students have to work together to overcome challenges.


We have also been hard at work preparing for our assembly on Monday. Join us at 1:35 on Monday for some entertaining activities about being creative.

We ended off the week by wishing Logan a Happy Birthday! We hope that he has an enjoyable day. A fitting end to a fun week.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.


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