Week 11 Update Media Center Trip and Spelling Bee Finals

Spelling Year 3: report journalist anchor news significant gently simply horribly possibly comfortably

Spelling Year 4: report journalist anchor news significant expansion supervision suspension tension fusion

Dear Parents and Children,

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I am pleased to report that another dynamic week of learning and discovery has passed us by in the Year 3-4 Johannesburg class. The students plunged straight into learning after the Autumn break without skipping a beat. We started a number of new earning units this week.

In English the students learned that the ending of words sometimes changes when a suffix is added and we looked at “ly” and “sion” suffixes. We then held our class Spelling Bee quiz. I am so happy that so many participated since the words were challenging. Congratulations to Reyansh, Cherry Blossom, Jeremy and Juveria for making it to the finals which will be held on Wednesday 13 November at 5:30 pm. Please study the word list provided last week.


We also started our non-fiction writing unit on News Reports. The students viewed some examples of other schools making news reports before understanding the structure and features of a basic news report. We had fun turning classic nursery rhymes into news reports in preparation for our trip to Ulsan Media Center today. The students had a fantastic time experiencing a real news studio and you can see their news productions soon.


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In Math we ended off our geometry unit by learning how to calculate the area of compound shapes and triangles and applied this understanding to word problems.  Next week we will look at handling data and problem solving.


In IPC we also started a new unit on “people who made a difference”. We had a quiz about significant people throughout history and talked about important historical figures that we know. I look forward to learning more about people from the past and present who have made a difference.

In P.E. We started our cooperation games unit and the students had fun playing team orientated activities, learning to work together to overcome a challenge.


That is all for this week. Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney

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