Scary Dress-Up Day, Media Center trip Permission form and Spelling Bee words

Dear Parents and Children,


What an eventful and productive week it has been. We all thoroughly enjoyed the treats and activities for our annual scary-dress-up day event. Congratulations to the winners of the costume competition, Anna your spider costume really gave us a fright! The students hard work in creating their interactive scary choose your own adventure stories really paid off. Everyone enjoyed playing them.




In other learning this week we completed our English unit on poetry by planning a poem about chocolate and answering comprehension questions about an eye-opening poem from India. In Math we reviewed the features of polygons and regular and irregular shapes and triangles then moved on to calculating area and perimeter.



We were busy in IPC this week as we completed our unit on Chocolate by understanding the chocolate trade and what fair trade means. The students enjoyed the chocolate making activity and it was a treat for the whole school to taste the chocolate that we had made. In P.E. we had fun playing cricket as part of our unit on striking and fielding games.






Spelling Bee: I am pleased that a number of students have volunteered for the class Spelling Bee. We will do the class competition in the week that we return on 4 November. Any students who want to take part must use the break to study the list of words. You can find the list of words by clicking here.

Ulsan Media Center Trip Permission Form: On Friday 8 November we will have a trip to Ulsan Media Center as part of our new English unit on News Reports. The students will see how a news report is created from script to different media and the trip will take place during school hours. Please click here to complete the online permission form if you would like your child to attend. The form must be completed by Tuesday 5 November.

That is all for this week. Do have an enjoyable Autumn break. We will see you on Monday 4 November.  Be safe if you are traveling and we wish peace, joy and happiness to all those celebrating Diwali over this period.

Mr. Kearney.


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