Week 8 Update, Spelling and Winter Uniforms

Spelling Year 3: culture energy health horizontal vertical kindly safely rudely secretly

Spelling Year 4: culture energy health horizontal vertical confusion decision explosion decision invasion

Dear Parents and Children,

We have had a full week of learning and discovery in the year 3 – 4 Johannesburg class and the students have much to show for it.


In English the year 3’s learned new words with the “ly” suffix and the year 4’s learned “sion” words.  They also continued to develop their scary adventure story games in PowerPoint in preparation for the Scary Dress-up day next Friday and I am very excited to see the rest of the school enjoy playing the games on which they worked so hard. I am pleased that we have integrated our ICT lessons into our English learning and the students now know how to insert music into their presentations. We also looked at chocolate poems from different cultures, first understanding that cultures are different and will therefore have different perspectives on things. We tied in with our IPC Unit on Chocolate and learned about the unfortunate nature of the slave trade in making chocolate.



In Science this week we investigated the different rates at which various types of chocolate melt and looked at how chocolate affects our health. The students created wonderful bar graphs to show how energy from chocolate is burned-off at different rates by doing different things and how this affects our health.



In Math we concluded our unit on multiplication and division by learning the written method for short division. We applied this to solving word problems in a fun group activity. We then moved on to our Geometry unit with a review of symmetry and symmetrical patterns and the properties of regular and irregular 2-D shapes.


In P.E. this week we were indoors, utilizing our gymnasium due to the weather but the students had fun applying their throwing, fielding and kicking skills to the game of kick-baseball. They are really understanding the finer points of the strategy of the game and I look forward to them improving as we play it next week.



Finally, you will notice that the HFS Winter Uniform orders have been delivered and went home with your child today. Please check that you have received the correct uniform, label it on the inside with your child’s name in permanent marker and feel free to start using them from Monday as the weather begins to chill.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney.

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