Week 7 Spelling and Update

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Spelling Year 4: interactive flowchart ancient descriptive trade meddle medal missed mist scene

Dear Parents and Children,

A short but productive week has passed us by in the year 3-4 Johannesburg class. We were all thankful for the mid-week break but the students have still been busy.



In English we continued developing our interactive choose your own adventure stories by typing them in PowerPoint to tie in with our ICT lesson. I am excited at how creative their stories are and have no doubt that the rest of the school will have fun playing them when they are finished. We also reviewed homophones, playing a fun game where the students had to create clues about the meanings of the words.

In Math we continued learning about written methods for multiplication looking at column multiplication and starting on using a number line and “chunking” for division. I am constantly impressed at the student’s calculation abilities.

In IPC this week we learned about the history of chocolate, from its earliest known use by the ancient Olmec tribe in Meso-America to the turbulent history of the Mayans and Aztecs until it was eventually brought across to Europe by Columbus and the Spanish explorers.  In groups, the students created timelines of what they had learned. Next week we will delve into the science of chocolate.




IN P.E, we started a new unit on Striking and fielding games since the students have developed their throwing and striking at targets in the previous unit. In this unit the students will understand that the basics of games such as Baseball, Cricket and softball are striking – hitting a ball, Fielding – catching a ball and pitching or bowling – throwing a ball to get points. We will develop these skills over the next few weeks. We practiced our fielding skills with a fun new game called “Chuck the Chicken”. Ask your child how to play it.



That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney

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