Farewell to Cortney and Nikolay and Week 6 Spelling and News

Spelling Year 3: climate weather halving doubling choose early learn heard rehearse search

Spelling Year 4: climate weather halving doubling choose illegal illogical illiterate illegible illicit

Dear Parents and Children,

A short but eventful week it has been in the year 3-4 Johannesburg class. Firstly, we had to bid a sad farewell to Cortney and Nikolay as they depart Korea with their families. It has been a pleasure having them in my class for the past few years and we wish them luck and happiness for their next adventure.


The students performed their assembly brilliantly, creating a wonderful play about confidence and showcasing their IPC project for the Brainwave using Augmented reality. The school had a great time scanning the cards to see what would pop up.



In class this week the students were very busy. In English the year 3 students learned “ear” words and the year 4’s learned that the “ill” prefix can also mean “not”. In grammar we learned about adverbs and the students had a great time linking our IPC lesson to our English by deconstructing a “Choose your own adventure” game to see how they can plan their own. They came up with wonderfully creative ideas today in their plans.



In Math we continued with multiplication and division learning that we can divide by 4 by halving and halving again and multiply by 4 by doubling twice. We consolidated that learning by doing some problem solving and applied it to multiplication and division word problems.

In IPC we continued our exploration of chocolate by learning about where cacao trees like to grow and why they grow there. The students had fun trying to find countries on the globe and had to think about what the regions had in common. We also learned about the difference between weather and climate. Next week we will start to look at the history of chocolate and we will link to our English poetry unit in an interesting way.





In P.E. we completed our unit on target games by practicing striking a ball for accuracy toward a target and the students had to work in groups to create their own games about throwing and striking toward a target. All in all, a short but busy and fun week. I look forward to the next one.



Have a great weekend,

Mr. Kearney

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