Week 9 Term 3 update

We’re nearly at the end of the academic year but things have not slowed down at HFS.

We had our school open day this week. Parents and visitors came along to have a look and help as the children in Y4/5 were investigating how the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids.

We measured how the level of friction changed on different surfaces. The children got to plan their own investigation which included calculating the mean and drawing bar charts to show their results.





We also finished off our bridges this week.




Near the end of the week, we investigated how rivers change throughout their course using a sand tray.



In English, we returned to letter writing. This time we wrote a letter to one of the main characters in ‘Journey to Jo’burg’.

In maths we worked out the area and perimeter of scale drawings before measuring our classroom to create our own scale drawing of the class. The children then experimented with different furniture configurations. We finished up by having a go at some of the online programs for designing rooms.





Don’t forget to sign up for the parents’ evening which will be held this coming Wednesday. The schedule form for you to sign up is currently in the office.

The reports for term 3 also went out today.

That’s all for now!

See you a the school dance!