Week 7 Term 3 Update

We are back to normality here at HFS after the disruptions and trips of last week. Here in Y4/5 we started our new IPC topic, ‘Go with the Flow’ our unit on rivers. The children began

with some research on famous rivers in the world and why they are important. We then researched the stages and features of a river. The children put all the results of their research onto our 3D information poster so that we can share what we have learned with other classes. The children also used some of the skills they have practised in maths to layout and create their own cardboard boats. Their measuring skills are on point so all the boats proved to be river-worthy.

In maths, we returned to area and perimeter. The children were able to solve practical problems related to these two topics. We also looked at volume. The children used cubes to help them visualise the volume of a shape and how it can be measured.

In English, we have started our new topic on stories from other cultures. We have started reading the children’s literature classic, ‘Journey to Jo’burg’. The children showed  their ability to emphasise by writing a diary entry from the perspective of the main characters.

That’s all fro now folks. Have a great weekend!







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