Week 11 Term 2 update

We are at the end of another busy week here at HFS as the weather starts to be positively springlike.

This week in year 4/5/6, we continued our work on the Ancient Greeks. We learned about the differences between the Athenians and

Spartans before writing a letter of application to join one of the city states. We also compared their governance systems recording our

work using flowcharts created using Google Drawing.




In maths, we spent the start of the week focusing on the skill of rounding. We honed our rounding skills with activities and games before applying it to real world scenarios in which children had to decide whether to round up or down. We then moved on to missing number questions before finishing the week with some challenging find the number style questions. The children all enjoyed the challenge and the reward they felt when they found the number. It’s definitely something we will be returning to.


In English, we continued our unit on fantasy stories by looking at the next chapter in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The children completed some reading comprehension activities on the chapter before we launched into writing our own narrative poems inspired by the misadventures of Ron and Harry in the flying Ford Anglia. The children produced some excellent work and we enjoyed hearing some dramatic readings of the poems.



We also had a refresher on the use of apostrophes. In music, we put the finishing touches on our musical instruments before thinking about how we could use them in our end of term performance.

We were also kept busy this week with our prep for our class assembly.



That’s all for now folks! Have a great weekend!