Term 2 Week 8 update

This week was International Week at HFS and though it was a short one, we were kept busy and entertained as the children got their presentations together. Thursday was a real treat as we got to see the fruits of all their hard work and we had a chance to feast on all the delicious international food that our school community had prepared. Thank you all again for the delicious food!

Earlier in the week, we set up an investigation comparing a cactus and a pot plant to learn more about adaptation. The children were able to set up the investigation using fair test principles without prompting. I was really impressed to see them thinking in a scientific way.

In maths, we continued our work on statistics by looking at data presented on tables, in timetables and using pie charts. The children brushed off their knowledge of percentages and applied it to this practical application.

In English, we learned more about report writing. The children looked at the punctuation rules for using direct speech in their writing and we created some  interview questions so we can gather information for our next report which will cover Thursday’s events.

That’s all for now folks!

Enjoy the long weekend!