Term 2 Week 5

Hi everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the Seollal holiday. A short update today for a short week.

In maths, this week we looked at factors and multiples as well as exploring prime numbers and prime factors. The children quickly got to grips with the

concepts and then went on to create factor trees.

In English, we put the finishing touches on our closing statements for the trial of the Highwayman. We then had a lot of fun acting out the trial in class.

Year 7/8/9 kindly volunteered to come along and act as the jury.



In P.E, we practiced our dribbling skills. The children have really come a long way with their abilities in basketball.

20190207_141130 (1)

To finish the week off, we had an excellent trip to the Hyundai Arts Centre to see the exhibit, ‘The Great Graffiti’.

The children were very impressed by the art work on display and they enjoyed learning more about the medium of graffiti.

After the trip, the children had a go at creating their own pieces using stenciling. They will do more work inspired by the trip in next week’s art lesson.





That’s all for this week folks. Please remember to sign your child up to our upcoming trip to the Busan Science Museum where we will reinforce what we have been learning about Space this term.

Here is a link to the sign up form which was also included in this week’s newsletter.

Enjoy the weekend!