Week 3 update

A lot of fun projects are starting here in HFS which has lead to a busy time this week.

Here in Y4/5/6, we have been putting together our work for our assembly this coming Monday. The children will recite a

poem that they wrote collectively as well as teaching the rest of HFS about one of our core values, responsibility.


20190124_152755 (1)

In IPC this week, we learned about what causes day and night and time zones. The children were  easily able to appreciate this structure with their international backgrounds.

In maths, we turned our attention to percentages. The children tied this back to their learning on fractions and decimals and they can now quickly convert between the three.

In English, we continued our focus on narrative poems with this week’s focus being on the classic poem, ‘The Highway Man’.

The children summarised the poem with the help of storyboards and drama.



That’s all for now folks! Have a great weekend!