Week 2 update

Hello all! This week we’ve been getting stuck into our new topics for this term.

In IPC, we have been investigating natural phenomena such as the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field. Following on from their work

last week using compasses, the class got a chance to make their own compasses.




The class now have a better understanding of magnetism and the structure of the Earth. They are also becoming more adept at posing ‘big questions’ and working like scientists as they

attempt to prove or disprove their theories.



The class also carried out research on the differences between the Earth and the Moon. They recorded their findings using Venn diagrams. It was

very impressive to see them exercising their curiosity and posing original questions.

In maths, we examined the relationship between decimals and fractions. The children are building a strong foundation for future work in maths as their knowledge of

place value becomes more secure and developed. They can now convert between decimals and fractions with ease. Next step, percentages!



Image result for chimp in space wwf

In English, we have written our own narrative poems based on the WWF’s short film, ‘It’s not a planet, it’s our home’.

The children excelled at this, creating poems that could match the power of this film.


That’s all for now folks. Have a great weekend!