Week 13 update

I hope everyone is doing well as the weather starts to change. Here in Year 4/5/6 Dublin class we’ve had a busy week.

We began with our assembly showcasing our recent work on settlements in IPC. The children’s presentation skills are continuously improving and this was plain to see as the assembly ran very smoothly. The rest of the school were very impressed with our eco-village model and they loved getting involved in the challenge we set for them. Well done again to Year 7/8/9 for building the tallest spaghetti tower!

In our new IPC topic, Digital Gamers, we have been making great headway with our coding. The children learned how to write scripts that: changed their character’s costume, changed its orientation, changed how it interacted with the background and changed what sounds it makes and when. They even coded their characters to move using XY coordinates revising what they have learned in maths. With all these skills consolidated, the children were able to move on to writing code for games. We have started with creating a script for a Pacman style game to develop our skills and later we will move on to developing our own ideas for games. If your children would like extra practice with Scratch it can be used online freely and you also have the option to download the offline version.


World Children’s day fell on Tuesday this week. We used this as an opportunity to learn more about children’s rights and to reflect on he importance of these  universal rights.

In English, we completed a reading comprehension task related to World Children’s Day before writing our own stories using suspense. I was very impressed to see the children using a range of writing techniques independently which produced some engaging stories.

In maths, we worked on word problems related to length, weight and capacity. We revised telling the time and converting between different units of time and we worked on our mental maths skills in relation to measurement.

That’s all for this week. Have a great weekend!






pacman screenshot

A screenshot of Dhanya’s Pacman game.