Week 12 update

I hope you all had a good week. Here in Year 4/5/6 Dublin class we have been getting stuck into some new topics. In IPC, we have now moved on to our next unit, Digital Gamers’.

In this unit, the class will learn how to code their own video games using the program ‘Scratch’ developed by MIT. We will also learn about online safety as well as how to promote our games.

We are now on to our next topic in maths, measurement. This week, the children learned how to convert metric measures and how to read scales. We revised some of our calculation methods before tackling word problems related to measurement. In English, we began the week with a grammar focus of modal verbs before moving on to our writing focus, a suspenseful diary entry. We rounded the week of with some reading comprehension on Remembrance day.

In P.E, we are continuing our work on fielding games with a new sport, softball. The children’s catching and batting skills have improved considerably since the beginning of this unit and they are now employing strategy more effectively in their games. On top of this, the class have kept busy beavering away at their preparation for the upcoming assembly in which they will present their recent IPC work to the school.

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!


The class getting familiar with various measuring tools.


Some practical work on reading scales.





The class getting familiar with Scratch.