Week 11 update

I hope everyone had a good week. We have been as busy as ever here in the Year 4/5/6 Dublin class.

Our model village is complete with the children now putting the finishing touches to their presentations on the village. They will show off what they have learned in an assembly in a week’s time.


In maths, we have continued our work on geometry. The children were introduced to another maths tool, the compass. They handled these very well as they constructed  and labelled circles The children also worked successfully with co-ordinates allowing them to carry out reflections on four quadrant grids. The children finished the week by developing their motor and visualisation skills through the making of nets of 3D shapes.




The class even had time to investigate Pi (π) using string and the circles they drew.


In English, the class created spooky stories full of suspense. Their writing is becoming more varied and they now take greater consideration of how their writing will impact their reader.

We finished the week with some more rhythm activities and a few runs around some student designed obstacle courses as part of HFS fitness.



Have a great weekend everyone!