Week 9 update

We’ve just come to the end of another busy week in Y4/5/6 Dublin class.


We began this week with our assembly on having a growth mindset. The children shared this important message with the rest of the school using drama.

They got their message across and had fun while doing so. Well done everyone!

This week also saw us taking the GL assessment tests for maths, science and English. The results of these tests will help highlight areas that the children need to work on. They will also show any gaps in their knowledge that need to be addressed.

In IPC this week, we continued our work on settlements by designing our own eco-villages. The children were able to practise their drafting skills while reflecting on what materials and practices are most environmentally friendly.


In music, we looked at harmony before trying our hand at composing melodies.

We continued our work on geometry in maths. We began by getting hands on with an area and perimeter investigation before attempting more difficult work involving compound shapes.

The children continued their work on shape by drawing shapes to exact specifications using rulers and protractors. They also learned the correct mathematical vocabulary for describing 3D shapes.



To finish the week, we worked together to create our spooky scavenger hunt for our scary dress up day.


Have a great weekend!