Week 8 update

Hello all!

We have just come to the end of another successful week of learning here in the Year 4/5/6 Dublin class.

We have moved on to geometry in maths with all the children taking to this change with ease.

We began the week by recapping our knowledge on polygons while at the same time exploring deeper into the properties of shapes.



We later moved on to finding missing angles using our knowledge of the properties of a straight line, angles around a point and triangles. This then took us onto using

protractors to measure and draw angles. By the end of the week, the children were showing real proficiency using this important maths tool.



In English, we have begun a new topic on writing narratives using suspense. After practicing their reading comprehension skills, the children got to flex their creative writing muscles by creating their own stories inspired by the tale of King Midas. I am looking forward to hearing the finished products being told next week.

Following on from our exploration of photographs as sources of historical information, we have moved on to another important primary source: interviews.

As a class, we conducted an interview with Ms. Esther and Mr. Kim on what changes they have seen in Ulsan and South Korea. This proved to be very insightful for the children.


Further to our work on settlements in IPC, we went on a tour of our school building to investigate what materials are used in modern constructions. We plan to design and construct our

own architectural models of eco-dwellings so we used this tour as an opportunity to gather potential construction materials from nature.


These were then categorised by the children and stored for later use.

We ended our week by practicing for our assembly and Monday before taking part in a very enjoyable HFS fitness session.


Have a great weekend!