Week 3 update

Hello from Year 4/5/6!

This week we got off to an exciting start with a trip to the Ulju Mountain Film Festival! Surrounded by the scenic views of the Yeongnam Alps, the

children outdid themselves by fearlessly ascending ropes and trees!




We also found time to watch an international film before experiencing the summit of Mount Everest using virtual reality. It was a truly memorable day.

Back in class, we continued our investigations of the human body. The class learned more about how light travels by studying the phenomenon of refraction.



We then carried out a reaction test before reflecting on what responsibilities we have to elderly people in our society.


We spent time this week preparing for our assembly in which we will share what we have learned with the rest of the school.


The children demonstrated not only their IT skills but also their wonderful teamwork skills as they collaborated on creating a presentation for the assembly.

In maths this week, we learned about the importance of order of operations through a lesson on BODMAS. We also applied the calculation skills we brushed up on last week to solving word


In English, we learned about the correct use of apostrophes and how to use relative clauses. We also worked on the skill of note taking which we are now applying to our research on Chuseok.

As we drew near to end of the week, we continued our focus on rhythm in music with some games involving beat and tempo.


That’s all for this week, have a great weekend!