Week 2 update

We have just come to the end of another top week of learning in  the Year 4/5/6 Dublin class.

This week was one filled with scientific investigations as we learned more about how humans work, our current  IPC topic.

Following on from last week’s hearing test, we became more acquainted with the inner workings of the human ear.

20180904_141654 (2)

We recorded our findings with some detailed diagrams, an important scientific skill.

20180906_122413 (1)

We next focused our attention on the eye, beginning by testing under what conditions the eye can see best.

20180904_145702 (1)

20180904_150001 (1)

This lead us on to learn more about light in a series of investigations.

20180905_114349 (1)

20180907_145425(0) (1)

In maths, we worked on the key calculation skills while in English, we looked at how expanded sentences can enhance our writing.


Have a great weekend!