Week 1 update

We have got off to a great start in Year 4/5/6 Dublin with a week full of fun and learning.

We started the week with some activities to build teamwork skills. The children took to this naturally and they were soon working together like a well-oiled machine.


We also took some time to reflect on what we what to achieve this year. Our work now forms part of a display to remind us of our learning goals.

20180827_111835 (1)

In maths, we worked on consolidating our knowledge of place value. The children ordered, compared and expanded various numbers. We also conducted an investigation, ‘Can taller children jump further?’


In English, we learned about the features of non-chronological reports in preparation for creating our own reports. In grammar, we studied word class focusing on nouns and adjectives.

The class were introduced to our IPC topic, ‘How Humans Work’.  To begin, the children learned how to take their pulse. We then investigated to see if our heart rate would increase after doing some exercise. The children quickly got to grips with the skill of taking a pulse. They were also able to record their results in a table before providing a convincing analysis.


The children next moved on to another important health checkup: a hearing test. They learned how to describe different sounds and how sound travels before conducting their own version of a hearing test.



Have a great weekend everyone!