Week 7 and 8 Update

Lots of pictures in this update!

We have come to the end of two very busy weeks.  The students have worked extremely hard and completed some very good work.  Some of them have also taken part in the annual SKAC event in Busan and most of them took part in the beach clean up yesterday.

Please read on to see the pictures and read more about what we have been up to!

“The Nature of Life”20180529_122136

20180529_144910For topic we have been exploring the animal kingdom.  We went out around the school and looked for different types of invertebrates.

Our Last Class Assembly

20180528_114618 20180528_115141





Thank you to all the parents who came to watch us in our last class assembly for the year.  The students worked really hard and put together an excellent and entertaining assembly.  It has been really wonderful watching them become more confident in their presentation skills this year.


Well done to the Year 4’s and Lucas who did so well at the SKAC event.  Srinika placed first 3 times!  Lucas came second in his race while competing in an older age-group  This is really impressive and we are very proud of her hard work!







Beach Clean Up and Ice-cream:

Thank you to the parents who joined us at the beach clean up yesterday.  The students had a great time and really enjoyed themselves.

Sometimes on these types of events we get asked what learning the students are doing.  While it is not traditional “in the book” learning, the students are still using a number of skills.

  1. Outdoor trips often act as an excellent jumping off point for class learning.  When we got back we looked at the damage that pollution has on the ocean and why beach clean ups are important.  The students have made a stunning coral reef display and produced some excellent research.
  2. Science and geography in ‘real time’.  What better way to discuss how is sand is formed than at the beach.  These are the questions that are asked and answered during trips such as these.
  3. Looking after the environment.  The students are in nature, the more likely they are to appreciate and look after it.
  4. Teamwork and practicing real-life skills.  Playing sports, listening to instructions and waiting your turn.  These are all important skills and practicing them in an environment outside of the school reinforces them.
  5. Finally, it’s good to show that education and school can be fun. 









Have an excellent weekend and we will see you on Monday!