Week 7 Update

t has been an exciting exciting week of learning and Olympics activities.

In English we have started a fiction unit called “Treasure”.  The students started by thinking about what was made treasure special and then writing a descriptive paragraph in the classroom.  We had a great time looking at and sorting different items.  We then watched a short film by the name of “Treasure” and we have begun designing our own junkyards.



In science we have been learning about forces and exploring friction and the effect of different surfaces.  We made ramps and rolled our cars to check how far they go.  The students had a great time measuring and checking the distances.
Week 7 031


Week 7 032

Week 7 033

Well done to the Year 5 – 9 students on such a fantastic Olympics Day.  The Year 3 and 4’s had a fantastic time.  Here are some photos of the day for those people who could not be there!





Have an excellent weekend and we will see you again on Monday!

Mrs Munden