The end of another busy week…

We have reached the end of another exciting week.  The students have been working hard in class and producing lots of excellent work!  In maths we have been learning about decimals and fractions and in English we have been honing our writing skills.  We have been writing fiction stories which will hopefully be ready to publish next week (watch this space!)

Friday 26 January 074

Writing and editing is hard work!

Friday 26 January 075

Friday 26 January 076

In art the students have been drawing their national flowers.  These will soon go up on display with the money and other goodies that have been brought in!

Friday 26 January 050

Friday 26 January 055

Friday 26 January 056


Friday 26 January 057

Friday 26 January 058

Friday 26 January 059

We have been thinking about what we want to be when we grow up.  There were lots of interesting ideas, such as architects, computer programmers, crime scene investigators and artists!  The students had to research what the job was about and then think of questions about the job.  It is very impressive to see the aspirations of the students!  Here are some examples of the work.

Jobs 002

Jobs 003

Jobs 004

Next week we will have lots more photos and writing up for you to look at!  Remember to check the class page to see what we are up to!

Have an excellent weekend,

Mrs Munden