Lava Lamps, School Council and Research Homework

Lava Lamps:

Please can you send in an empty plastic drink bottle.  This will be used on Friday to make lava lamps in class.  We will be exploring different liquid densities, dissolving and then linking this with our English to write instructions.

Bottle photos

School Council:

Students are invited to apply for Student Council.  They need to write a paragraph explaining why they would be a good candidate for Student Council.

Research Project and Maths:

Please find a link to the research homework here: English Homework Research 1.  For maths the students are practicing doubling.  We are practicing doubling and halving in class at the moment.  This is a mental maths objective, with the idea that the students start getting quicker and quicker. Students have a week for each maths activity.

Research shows that homework is most valuable with some parent support.  This could take the form of doing a quick check and working on any sums that they have gotten wrong or reading through the work they have researched.  If you have any questions, please email me or speak to me after school.

Thank you for your support.

Have a good evening.