New Homework

As mentioned on Friday, due to parent feedback, there will be a change in how homework will be handed out.  Please see below for when homework will be handed out.


Monday – spellings and spelling practice.

Spelling tests will now take place on Mondays during Literacy.  The students should have their new homework.

Tuesday: Research Activity

On Tuesdays the students will also be given a research activity to complete for the following Tuesday (they will have a week to complete it).  They also be given an opportunity to share the work they have done.  Tomorrow they will get their first task, which will be linked to the learning they have done in IPC.


Each week there will be 3 short activities going home for the students to practice on different days.  They will either be based on the work we are currently doing in class or revision.  The homework will not be complicated – it will simply be to help support what we are learning in the classroom.

Thank you for your support in this matter.