End of Year!

It is almost the end of the year!  Just a few reminders before we go off for the summer holidays!

Final Assembly:

Tomorrow will be our final assembly.  We will be handing out awards and saying good-bye to the students leaving.  Please note that tomorrow’s assembly will be at 11am.

PTC Forms:

Please can you send in the Parent-Teacher Conference forms so that your class teacher has confirmation that you have received the letter and that you are happy with the time you have been given.

Gyeongju World:

If your child is coming with the school to Gyeongju World, please send in the 20 000 won by Friday.  You also need to make sure you have filled in the online permission form.


Reports will be going out this Friday.

Library and Reading Books:

Please can you start sending in library and reading books.  These resources are used on a regular basis across the school and replacing them is expensive.

Have a good afternoon and we hope to see you tomorrow at the final assembly!