Farewell Angela – Week 11 Update and Spelling – and end of Term 2

New Spelling words.
Year 3: position interval measure reason opinion strange complete extreme forwards business

Year 4: position interval measure reason opinion separate purpose difficult suppose therefore

Dear Parents and Children,

I can’t believe we have reached the end of term 2. What an exciting and eventful term it has been. Thank you to all the parents for meeting with me yesterday. I enjoyed discussing your child’s learning progress with you.

This week we must also sadly bid farewell to Angela as she departs HFS. Angela is a hard working students with a cheerful disposition who is popular in the year 3-4 class. We all wish her luck as she leaves for her next adventure and hope we will see her again soon. Take care Angela, We will miss you!


In our classes this week the students did a great deal of excellent work. In math we worked on our measurement skills, converting between centimetres and millimetres and reviewing how  to measure angles using a protractor. The students then completed their own measurements of household objects showing the results in a graph that they created.

In English and IPC the students continued developing their persuasive writing skills by creating fantastic brochures for HFS.  They can be the new HFS marketing and publicity team. In IPC, after learning about the features of a persuasive argument, the students worked in groups formulating their own arguments on the topic of “Are zoos good or bad?” They had to take a stance on the argument, come up with reasons and create a persuasive argument with an introduction and a conclusion. I was impressed with their reasoning skills, well done! Here is Reyansh’s fantastic brochure which he unfortunately couldn’t present in assembly.

Reyansh Reyansh1

Cherry Blossom brochure1 Cherry Blossom brochure2 Cherry Blossom brochure1 (1) Angela1 Angela Leo Seongyun1 Seongyun Rana1 Rana Lois1 Lois Juveria Juveria 1 Jeremy_HFS_brochure2 Jeremy_HFS_brochure1 Chris1

We rounded off the week with a fun P.E. lesson about how to juggle. I hope they continue to practice.

Finally, a big congratulations to all of our award winners for this term. Anna, you truly deserve your award for Good Citizenship because you are always showing excellent character traits. Angela, you have made great progress in your studies over the time you have been here and I hope it continues to progress from from strength to strength. Look forward to seeing your name on our HFS wall of honour.

That is all for this week. Don’t forget that Thursday 30 April is Buddha’s Birthday and the school will be closed on that day. There will be no online learning.

Have a wonderful weekend

-Mr Kearney

Reports, Week 10 Update and Spelling


Year 3: convert slogan appealing argument rhetorical league plague rogue vague fatigue

Year 4: convert slogan appealing argument rhetorical phone phonics microphone telephone homophone

Dear Parents,

Another week of online learning has flown by and the students have done well keeping busy and hard at work.

An important note for today is that students Term 2 progress reports went home with the school van learning material delivery. Please ensure that you have received your child’s report and review it to discuss at next week’s parent teacher conferences.

In English this week the students had fun creating crossword puzzles from their new spelling words. It is a great way to learn new words and build vocabulary while thinking laterally to solve clues. In our non-fiction unit, we delved further into learning about persuasive writing. We looked at the features of print and video advertisements as well as some creative ads from favourite children’s stories before planning and creating our own advertisement to sell a gingerbread house.  Next week the students will plan and create their own advertisement for something special.

In Math we continued our unit on time as the students learned how to calculate time in different intervals and apply that to real world uses such as television schedules and train time tables. Next week we will end our unit on measurement by converting measurements of lengths.

Y 3-4 Math (3) Y 3-4 Math (13) Y 3-4 Math (12) Y 3-4 Math (11) Y 3-4 Math (10) Y 3-4 Math (9) Y 3-4 Math (8) Y 3-4 Math (4) Y 3-4 Math (5) Y 3-4 Math (6) Y 3-4 Math (7)

In IPC we are rounding off our unit on “Active Planet with an exploration of human disasters. We took an in depth look at the Titanic disaster and students had to research and explain the causes of the tragedy and what could have done differently to avert it.  We also looked at global warming and the causes and effect of that on our planet for people and animals.

The students enjoyed dancing to music videos for P.E. and I look forward to seeing the videos that they created. We also practiced our health and fitness skills.

A full week of learning and fun. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr Kearney

Welcome Back to E-learning! Week 9 Update and Spelling

Year 3: persuade symbol compose advertisement express chef machine crochet brochure parachute

Year 4: persuade symbol compose advertisement express decide medicine exercise citizen special

Dear Parents and Children,

Welcome back to school in the online world! It is good to return to teaching and learning and I have been impressed with how much we have been able to cover this week. Well done to all the students for working so hard online!

In English we reviewed parts of speech, compound words and learned new spelling words “ch” as “s” sound for the year 3’s and “ci” as “s” sound for the year 4’s. We also started our non-fiction unit on persuasive writing by looking at humorous advertisements and how they persuade us to buy things. We will go deeper into this in the coming weeks.

In Math we reviewed telling the time in analogue and digital formats and progressed on to representing time as data. Next week we will go into measurement.5 4 3 2 1

We had a lot of fun in IPC this week as the students got to present their natural disaster slideshows that they made during the closure. The Students also enjoyed composing music to express the drama and emotion of a natural disaster. We will refine and tweak our composition skills further. Next we will look at human disasters.

In P.E. the students were active and had fun learning dance moves and they will try and record their own dance video to a song of their choice.

A full week of learning and fun and I look forward to the next one.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney