Week 4: Spelling Update and Shoe-box for Seismograph

Spelling Year 3: fault friction remainder comic earthquake misspell misbehave misplace mistrust misread

Spelling Year 4: fault friction remainder comic earthquake radiation translation vibration creation nation

Dear Parents and Children,

A short but busy week has passed us by in the year 3-4 Johannesburg class.

In English we have continued to read about the exploits of Mr Fox as he tries to escape the three farmers. we are almost finished the book and we are excited to see what happens. The students had fun dressing up and acting out the first part of the book.

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In our grammar we learned about the prefixes “Mis” and “Dis”  and how they change the meaning of a word.

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The students also learned about the “Ly” suffix and how it can be used for different purposes as an adverb.

In Math we reviewed division, first learning how to create basic division facts using our multiplication charts and understanding that division is the inverse of multiplication. We learned about the dividend and divisor and practiced short division using the bus stop method. The students then applied this to working out logical problems involving division.

In IPC we continued our exploration of our “Active Planet”, this week focusing on earthquakes. The students put together a map of the Earth’s tectonic plates and understood how, where and why earthquakes happen.


Next week we will look at how earthquakes are measured and we will build our own seismographs. The students will be required to bring a shoe-box, similar to the picture below, for the project. Please send a shoe-box to school with your child for the lesson on Tuesday.


We also looked at lava flow and completed an experiment exploring why different liquids move at different speeds.

20200130_120919 20200130_115835 20200130_120928

In P.E we continued to focus on object control in games by practicing our controlled dribbling for basketball.

20200131_151207 20200131_150442

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Kearney


Week 3 Open Day and Seollal

Spelling Year 3: Pressure chicken tectonic negative positive gardener gardening focused focusing offered

Spelling Year 4:  Pressure chicken tectonic negative positive cereal serial through threw stairs

Dear Parents and Children,

A short but eventful week has passed at HFS in the year 3 – 4 Johannesburg class.

The two big events being the open day on Monday and our Seollal celebration. I am glad that parents could get the opportunity to see our students engaging with augmented reality in the classroom. The students had fun using AR to research different countries.


The students also looked spectacular in their Hanboks and clothing from their country for our Seollal celebration.  We made posters and wish cards and the students prepared presentations about Seollal for the assembly. We then enjoyed some traditional Korean games to round-off the fun-filed program. An enjoyable day was had by all.



We kept busy the rest of the week with regular learning. In English we read through chapter 9 of “The Fantastic Mr. Fox” and the students prepared plays about the first part of the book. We will watch them next week.


In Math the students moved on from decimals to negative numbers understanding that tenths and hundredths, while very small, are still larger than 0 and negative numbers. We applied this to looking at thermometers and performing calculations in changes of temperature in degrees Celsius.


In IPC we had a blast making clay volcanoes and then watching them erupt by mixing water, baking soda, dish washing liquid and adding vinegar. The students also worked in groups researching actual volcanoes from around the world and making posters for our display board. Next week we will continue with plate tectonics and look at earthquakes.

20200123_122507 20200123_122427 20200123_122416 20200123_121623 20200123_115803


Finally, we are all glad that Reyansh has returned (Now we can eat).

That is all for this week. Have a joyous and prosperous Seollal and Lunar New Year

Mr Kearney.


Week 2: Hat Day, Spelling and Open Day and Seollal Reminder

Spelling Year 3: fantasy decimal active dormant core myth gym pyramid mystery system

Spelling Year 4: fantasy decimal active dormant core accept except affect effect aloud

Dear Parents and Children,

In our second week of term 2 we have had a lot of fun in our learning. We are glad that Leo has returned from the Winter break. The highlight of the week was no doubt the International hat day festivities. I am so impressed with the creative designs the students made for the day. Well Done Leo! Your towering colorful hat was a worthy winner from our class.


In English we began our unit on fantasy stories by reading the first few chapters of Roald Dahl’s “The Fantastic Mr Fox”. The students are enjoying each chapter as we complete comprehension questions, act out plays and create a comic book of the story. They have already made excellent wanted posters to help the farmers catch the fox.


In Math we continued with place value and decimals, learning to multiply and divide by 10 and 100 by moving the correct number of places. The students then applied that to completing word problems.


In IPC we continued with our exploration of volcanoes, understanding the parts and types of volcanoes and how they are formed. Next week we will make a lava flow and, in groups, research a volcano from around the world.

In ICT the students researched the meaning of Seollal in groups and created presentations for our Seollal celebration on Tuesday. I look forward to seeing their work.


We continued with our fundamental skills in P.E. playing 2 different games that focused on passing. These were “Bull in the Ring” and “End-Zone” – a game using bouncing basketballs.


That is all for this week. I hope to see you at the open day on Monday and our Seollal celebration on Tuesday next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr Kearney. More…

Week 1 Welcome Back

Dear Parents and Children,

Welcome back to a new term in the Year 3-4 Johannesburg class at HFS.


The students hit the ground running this week plunging straight into learning despite being away for the wonderful winter break.

We got placed into table groups and already have begun with group projects about HFS.

In learning this week, the students were busy. In English we reviewed the grammar and writing from last term, including capitals and punctuation, connectives and sentence openers. Next week we will start our unit on Fantasy stories and we will read “The fantastic Mr. Fox” by Roald Dahl which the students are sure to enjoy.



In learning this week, the students were busy. In English we reviewed the grammar and writing from last term, including capitals and punctuation, connectives and sentence openers. Next week we will start our unit on Fantasy stories and we will read “The fantastic Mr. Fox” by Roald Dahl which the students are sure to enjoy.

20200106_150600 20200107_104642

It was also Chris’s birthday on Tuesday which we celebrated in HFS style.


In P.E. we started our unit on fundamental control activities by focusing on two-handed throwing for accuracy.

20200107_150240(0) 20200107_150608_001

In math we continued from fractions from last term understanding how to show fractions as decimals of tenths and hundredths and performing calculations to make whole numbers.

20200108_094927 20200108_094930


We started a new unit called “Active Planet” in IPC and In the coming weeks we will be exploring volcanoes, earthquakes and other phenomena that make Earth so dynamic. The students researched volcanoes and created their own glossaries of new terminology about the subject.

20200108_141700 20200108_143321 20200109_104156 20200109_135225 20200109_135228 20200109_142453

On Wednesday 15 January we will celebrate International Hat Day. Please encourage to make or obtain a silly hat to wear on the day. Classes will vote on the best hat and we will vote as a school for the best one out of the finalists.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Mr. Kearney