Term 2 Week 8 update

This week was International Week at HFS and though it was a short one, we were kept busy and entertained as the children got their presentations together. Thursday was a real treat as we got to see the fruits of all their hard work and we had a chance to feast on all the delicious international food that our school community had prepared. Thank you all again for the delicious food!

Earlier in the week, we set up an investigation comparing a cactus and a pot plant to learn more about adaptation. The children were able to set up the investigation using fair test principles without prompting. I was really impressed to see them thinking in a scientific way.

In maths, we continued our work on statistics by looking at data presented on tables, in timetables and using pie charts. The children brushed off their knowledge of percentages and applied it to this practical application.

In English, we learned more about report writing. The children looked at the punctuation rules for using direct speech in their writing and we created some  interview questions so we can gather information for our next report which will cover Thursday’s events.

That’s all for now folks!

Enjoy the long weekend!













Term 2 Week 7

We’re at the end of another busy week of learning and discovery here at HFS. We had a blast this week at the Busan Science Museum. The children had a great time while deepening their understanding of some of the scientific topics we have looked at this year. In English this week, we took the role of reporters as we interviewed and role played characters from The Highwayman. The children learned to take notes effectively before writing their newspaper articles which included quotations and captions. They typed up their articles and learned more about the editing options of Google Docs.

In maths, we continued our work on statistics as we looked at line graphs and frequency tables. The children carried out further surveys throughout the school before presenting their findings in tables and graphs. These skills should come in handy in future science lessons.

In IPC, we learned how humans can control the evolution of species by selecting for desirable traits. The children also learned the difference between inherited and acquired traits.

The children are nearing the end of their work on their International Week projects and they are indeed shaping up well.

That’s all for now folks. Have a great weekend!












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Term 2 Week 6

Another busy week of fun and learning has flown by here in HFS. This week we started our new IPC topic, ‘Extreme survivors’. We will learn about the adaptations animals have to allow them to

live in extreme environments. We learned how living things have changed over time. As part of this, we studied the process of fossilisation before having a go at making our own fossils.

We also started a new topic in maths; we have started studying data handling. The children began by carrying out a survey in Y7/8/9. They then created graphs based on the data they collected. later in the week, we moved on from using bar charts to using pictographs and histograms. In English, we learned about report writing and open and closed questioning. We did some reporter work by compiling a list of questions to ask the main characters in ‘The Highwayman’. We will act out these interviews next week before writing our newspaper reports on the event. In P.E, we are now on our net games unit with our current focus being on the challenging sport of volleyball.









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That’s all for now folks! Have a great weekend!


Term 2 Week 5

Hi everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the Seollal holiday. A short update today for a short week.

In maths, this week we looked at factors and multiples as well as exploring prime numbers and prime factors. The children quickly got to grips with the

concepts and then went on to create factor trees.

In English, we put the finishing touches on our closing statements for the trial of the Highwayman. We then had a lot of fun acting out the trial in class.

Year 7/8/9 kindly volunteered to come along and act as the jury.



In P.E, we practiced our dribbling skills. The children have really come a long way with their abilities in basketball.

20190207_141130 (1)

To finish the week off, we had an excellent trip to the Hyundai Arts Centre to see the exhibit, ‘The Great Graffiti’.

The children were very impressed by the art work on display and they enjoyed learning more about the medium of graffiti.

After the trip, the children had a go at creating their own pieces using stenciling. They will do more work inspired by the trip in next week’s art lesson.





That’s all for this week folks. Please remember to sign your child up to our upcoming trip to the Busan Science Museum where we will reinforce what we have been learning about Space this term.

Here is a link to the sign up form which was also included in this week’s newsletter.

Enjoy the weekend!

Term 2 Week 4 update

Hello everyone!

We’re at the end of an eventful week here at HFS with both our class assembly and Seollal assembly taking place this week.

We began the week with our class assembly. The children did a great job sharing what they have learned about responsibility and caring for our planet.

They also had a chance to show off their writing skills as they performed their collectively written poem, ‘Coming Home’.




In maths this week, we continued our work with decimals before finishing with some problem solving.

In English, we did some debating based on The Highwayman, this lead to some persuasive writing which will help with the court scene we will act out next week.



In IPC, we continued our work on space by looking at what causes the seasons and the phases of the moon.



On Wednesday, we had our Seollal celebration which was an absolute blast, the children did a great job with their presentations and they had a great time flying their kites which

they customised in art.





That’s all for now folks! Enjoy the break!