Winter Show Outfits

The Winter Show is rapidly approaching.  In order to minimise the amount of school time we need for practising can you please ensure that your son/daughter is learning the words for the songs at home.  They need to be able to sing their parts of the songs with no words in front of them before Wednesday 29th November 2017.

In order to give you plenty of notice below is what we need the students to wear on the night of the performance;

  • black trousers for the boys,
  • black trousers or skirts for the girls,
  • and a green or red or “seasonal” jumper (below are some examples of jumpers in a “seasonal” style)

Jumper examples

Thank you in advance for your support with this.

Fun Day and Next Week

Remember the Fun Day tomorrow from 2 pm – 4 pm.  We hope to see everyone there enjoying all the activities the PTA has planned.

Next week we start our last “Active Planet” section, which will be art.  We will be working with clay, so please remember to bring in your art shirt.

I have also sent home times tables to be practiced this week.  We will be having a times table test next week Friday.  Please make sure you practice over the week.

Thank you for your support.



Here are some photos from music this week.  The students had to work in groups to come up with their own movements to music. They had a great time and came up with loads of exciting dances.

Winter Show Songs

The students will be singing these two songs at the Winter Show this year.  Please encourage them to practise these songs at home.  This will help minimise the amount of time the students will need to spend practising during lesson times in preparation for the performance.  We thank you in advance for you support with this.

Lava Lamps, School Council and Research Homework

Lava Lamps:

Please can you send in an empty plastic drink bottle.  This will be used on Friday to make lava lamps in class.  We will be exploring different liquid densities, dissolving and then linking this with our English to write instructions.

Bottle photos

School Council:

Students are invited to apply for Student Council.  They need to write a paragraph explaining why they would be a good candidate for Student Council.

Research Project and Maths:

Please find a link to the research homework here: English Homework Research 1.  For maths the students are practicing doubling.  We are practicing doubling and halving in class at the moment.  This is a mental maths objective, with the idea that the students start getting quicker and quicker. Students have a week for each maths activity.

Research shows that homework is most valuable with some parent support.  This could take the form of doing a quick check and working on any sums that they have gotten wrong or reading through the work they have researched.  If you have any questions, please email me or speak to me after school.

Thank you for your support.

Have a good evening.

New Homework

As mentioned on Friday, due to parent feedback, there will be a change in how homework will be handed out.  Please see below for when homework will be handed out.


Monday – spellings and spelling practice.

Spelling tests will now take place on Mondays during Literacy.  The students should have their new homework.

Tuesday: Research Activity

On Tuesdays the students will also be given a research activity to complete for the following Tuesday (they will have a week to complete it).  They also be given an opportunity to share the work they have done.  Tomorrow they will get their first task, which will be linked to the learning they have done in IPC.


Each week there will be 3 short activities going home for the students to practice on different days.  They will either be based on the work we are currently doing in class or revision.  The homework will not be complicated – it will simply be to help support what we are learning in the classroom.

Thank you for your support in this matter.

Long Weekend information


We will complete our spelling tests on Monday and new homework will go out.  Due to parent feedback, there will be some changes to how the homework is given.  I will post more about this when we come back to school on Monday.

Thank you to those students and parents who brought in their reading books.  Students should have new books (2 – 3 books) for the long weekend.


The students have their class books for you to look at and talk to them about.  Please take the time to discuss the work they have complete with them.  Books should come back to school on Monday as we will be using them.  If you have any questions about the books, please feel free to email me and make an appointment.

Hope you have a great weekend.


Reading Books

Just a gentle reminder that students should be reading a school reading book each night.  They should be bringing in their signed, yellow reading books to be checked and then switching their reading book each morning.

The students are aware of this, however, there are a few who are forgetting to bring these in.

Thank you for your support in this matter,

Mrs Munden

End of October Newsletter

October has been a busy month!  During lessons we have worked on data handling in maths and the students have been drawing tally charts and graphs.  In English we are continuing with Edward Tulane and his miraculous adventure.  We have also been working hard in IPC and built our own seismographs in class.  Next week for IPC we will be linking our science with English and completing various investigations and experiments on states of matter.  It should be exciting and the students are looking forward to it!

Thank you for your support during the Dress Up Day.  We are looking forward to the Fun Day being organised on the 18 November at the HFC Clubhouse.

Have a safe weekend and we will see you back on Monday.  Seismographs 001 Seismographs 002 Seismographs 003 Seismographs 004 Seismographs 005 Seismographs 006 Seismographs 007 Seismographs 008 Seismographs 009