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Week 10 Term 3 class update

We have come to the final week here at HFS. What a fun and fantastic year of learning it has been!

We finished the year off with a bang with an end of year trip to the cinema to see Toy Story 4 and a wonderful lunch provided by the PTA! What a blast!

The rest of the week was spent doing maths investigations, getting ready for next year and preparing for our final assembly.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer holiday!

Thank you HFS, it has been a pleasure!










Week 9 Term 3 update

We’re nearly at the end of the academic year but things have not slowed down at HFS.

We had our school open day this week. Parents and visitors came along to have a look and help as the children in Y4/5 were investigating how the Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids.

We measured how the level of friction changed on different surfaces. The children got to plan their own investigation which included calculating the mean and drawing bar charts to show their results.





We also finished off our bridges this week.




Near the end of the week, we investigated how rivers change throughout their course using a sand tray.



In English, we returned to letter writing. This time we wrote a letter to one of the main characters in ‘Journey to Jo’burg’.

In maths we worked out the area and perimeter of scale drawings before measuring our classroom to create our own scale drawing of the class. The children then experimented with different furniture configurations. We finished up by having a go at some of the online programs for designing rooms.





Don’t forget to sign up for the parents’ evening which will be held this coming Wednesday. The schedule form for you to sign up is currently in the office.

The reports for term 3 also went out today.

That’s all for now!

See you a the school dance!


Week 8 Term 3 Update

Hello all!

We have a busy week here at HFS. The children sat their GL assessement tests at the beginning of the week. These assessments allow us to see how well the children are progressing as well as highlighting their strengths and areas they need to work on.  I am pleased to say that the children all did really well. We will share their results with you at the parents’ evening on the 26th of June.

In maths this week, we worked on mental calculations and word problems involving measures. We also found out the average amount of sleep that HFS children get after being inspired by a recent Radio HFS story.

In English, we continued with our book, ‘Journey to Jo’burg’. The children used drama to imagine the thoughts of one of the main characters before writing about some key events from the story from their perspective.

In IPC, we continued our work on rivers. The children took the role of historians as they researched the Ancient Egyptian civilisation and the importance of the Nile river.We also learned methods for crossing rivers. The children brainstormed a range of methods before organising them using a carrel diagram. We also began work on a design portfolio for our bridges, The children advanced past the research and design stages and they have now begun to construct their bridges. We also revised the water cycle before creating our own mini water cycles.

We wrapped up the week with a ‘Drop Everything And Read’ session.


That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!











Week 7 Term 3 Update

We are back to normality here at HFS after the disruptions and trips of last week. Here in Y4/5 we started our new IPC topic, ‘Go with the Flow’ our unit on rivers. The children began

with some research on famous rivers in the world and why they are important. We then researched the stages and features of a river. The children put all the results of their research onto our 3D information poster so that we can share what we have learned with other classes. The children also used some of the skills they have practised in maths to layout and create their own cardboard boats. Their measuring skills are on point so all the boats proved to be river-worthy.

In maths, we returned to area and perimeter. The children were able to solve practical problems related to these two topics. We also looked at volume. The children used cubes to help them visualise the volume of a shape and how it can be measured.

In English, we have started our new topic on stories from other cultures. We have started reading the children’s literature classic, ‘Journey to Jo’burg’. The children showed  their ability to emphasise by writing a diary entry from the perspective of the main characters.

That’s all fro now folks. Have a great weekend!







20190607_152525 (1)







Week 5 Term 3 update

Summer is in the air in Ulsan and at HFS we made the most of the good weather this week by having our annual sports day.

The children learned about sportsmanship and teamwork while having a blast at the Spanish Fields. A fun day was had by all.

Earlier in the week, we continued our work on geometry with some work finding missing angles, measuring angles and drawing 2D shapes. In English, we wrote persuasive letters to President Moon Jae-in to convince him to do all he can do to stop deforestation. The children learned more about persuasive techniques, layout of a formal letter and how to use a formal tone. In IPC, we created annotated diagrams, showing what adaptations rain forest animals have undergone.

Some of our plants have started to flourish. We decided to create a mini greenhouse to better replicate the conditions of the rain forest to encourage the remaining seeds  to germinate.

We also  spent some time this week preparing for our class assembly on Monday.  It should be very informative and entertaining.

Our residential trip is fast approaching. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask Mr. Dunn, Ms. Yujin or me.

That’s all for today folks! Have a great weekend!



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20190523_114506 (1)









Week 4 Term 3 Update

Another full and busy week has passed us by in the Y 4/5 Dublin class. Let’s have a look at what we were up to.

In IPC this week, we continued our work on the rainforest. The children learned more about the process of photosynthesis before sharing this information using the Prezi program. We also looked at food webs and how energy is lost as we move along the chain. The children then created their own rain forest food webs using the Google Drawing app.


We also learned about soil formation before setting up our mini compost bin to better understand decomposition.


To finish up, we investigated what factors best allow plants to disperse their seeds by wind. The children created their own variables such as different weight, shorter/longer wings before

using their maths skills to measure and find the mean of the distances the seeds travelled.



In English, we completed our balanced arguments on the pros and cons of deforestation. We then used this information in our class debate on deforestation.


We also took some time this week to look over our school values and the school’s vision and mission statement. The children reflected on these before creating posters and poems to demonstrate their understanding of this aspect of our school.


In maths, we revised properties of shapes before we recapped how to translate, reflect and rotate shapes.



The children play a game to revise the properties of shapes.



We finished the week by working on track and field events in P.E. We are almost ready for Sports Day!

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!


Week 3 Term 3 Update

It has been a short but busy and not to mention fun week here at HFS.

In IPC this week, we got our hands dirty and tested our green fingers by planting some tropical plants. The children will investigate in what conditions  tropical plants thrive while taking notes

and drawing diagrams to record the plants’ progress.


We took some time to recap the basic parts of plants before taking a closer look at the parts of a flower and the role they play in reproduction.


We also carried out an investigation to learn more about how plants transport water using capillary action.


In maths this week, we focused on problem solving. The class are becoming much more skilled at dissecting word problems and explaining their reasoning.

In English, we looked at persuasive writing. We researched deforestation in depth so we are now ready to write a discussion text outlining the arguments for and against this important global issue.

We finished the week off with a park clean up in order to observe Earth Day/Green Day. The children had great fun hunting down rubbish while learning to show responsibility for their environment.







That’s all for this week folks! Have a great weekend and I’ll see you at the Spring Fair!

Week 2 Term 3 Update

We’ve been busy this week in the Y 4/5 Dublin class in all subjects but especially in IPC where the children are becoming acquainted with a range of ICT.

We learned how to present our research using the program Prezi. The children enjoyed the creative flair this allowed them to add to their presentations and it wasn’t long before they were producing quality presentations using this new program.



In science part of topic, we looked at providing a technological solution to the problem of flooding in the rainforest. The children were able to design and evaluate an alarm that could warn people of flooding. I was very impressed with how quickly the children recapped their knowledge of electric circuits. They were even able to produce electrical diagrams showing their design.


20190501_111518 (1)



In English, we began our topic on ‘Stories from other cultures’. The children’s writing is on a much higher level than their starting point from the beginning of the year and they are now much more able to evaluate and edit their work.

In maths, we continued our work on money and problem solving. The children were able to calculate discounts using their previous knowledge of percentages. They also compared fractions of amounts before finishing the week off with some basic accounting as the children completed a bank statement. They are becoming much more adept at applying their maths skills to new topics and their maths vocabulary is ever increasing.


Our ‘Going for Goals’ display is now up and running. The children will be working on weekly goals which they have to create steps to achieve. They will then evaluate their success before planning the next step in their learning journey.


We finished the week off with a trip to a fantastic exhibition about illustrators of children’s books. The artwork was really inspiring and we got to read some very unique and interesting books.




That’s all for now folks! Enjoy the long weekend!