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Term 2 Week 6

Another busy week of fun and learning has flown by here in HFS. This week we started our new IPC topic, ‘Extreme survivors’. We will learn about the adaptations animals have to allow them to

live in extreme environments. We learned how living things have changed over time. As part of this, we studied the process of fossilisation before having a go at making our own fossils.

We also started a new topic in maths; we have started studying data handling. The children began by carrying out a survey in Y7/8/9. They then created graphs based on the data they collected. later in the week, we moved on from using bar charts to using pictographs and histograms. In English, we learned about report writing and open and closed questioning. We did some reporter work by compiling a list of questions to ask the main characters in ‘The Highwayman’. We will act out these interviews next week before writing our newspaper reports on the event. In P.E, we are now on our net games unit with our current focus being on the challenging sport of volleyball.









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That’s all for now folks! Have a great weekend!


Term 2 Week 5

Hi everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the Seollal holiday. A short update today for a short week.

In maths, this week we looked at factors and multiples as well as exploring prime numbers and prime factors. The children quickly got to grips with the

concepts and then went on to create factor trees.

In English, we put the finishing touches on our closing statements for the trial of the Highwayman. We then had a lot of fun acting out the trial in class.

Year 7/8/9 kindly volunteered to come along and act as the jury.



In P.E, we practiced our dribbling skills. The children have really come a long way with their abilities in basketball.

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To finish the week off, we had an excellent trip to the Hyundai Arts Centre to see the exhibit, ‘The Great Graffiti’.

The children were very impressed by the art work on display and they enjoyed learning more about the medium of graffiti.

After the trip, the children had a go at creating their own pieces using stenciling. They will do more work inspired by the trip in next week’s art lesson.





That’s all for this week folks. Please remember to sign your child up to our upcoming trip to the Busan Science Museum where we will reinforce what we have been learning about Space this term.

Here is a link to the sign up form which was also included in this week’s newsletter.

Enjoy the weekend!

Term 2 Week 4 update

Hello everyone!

We’re at the end of an eventful week here at HFS with both our class assembly and Seollal assembly taking place this week.

We began the week with our class assembly. The children did a great job sharing what they have learned about responsibility and caring for our planet.

They also had a chance to show off their writing skills as they performed their collectively written poem, ‘Coming Home’.




In maths this week, we continued our work with decimals before finishing with some problem solving.

In English, we did some debating based on The Highwayman, this lead to some persuasive writing which will help with the court scene we will act out next week.



In IPC, we continued our work on space by looking at what causes the seasons and the phases of the moon.



On Wednesday, we had our Seollal celebration which was an absolute blast, the children did a great job with their presentations and they had a great time flying their kites which

they customised in art.





That’s all for now folks! Enjoy the break!



Week 3 update

A lot of fun projects are starting here in HFS which has lead to a busy time this week.

Here in Y4/5/6, we have been putting together our work for our assembly this coming Monday. The children will recite a

poem that they wrote collectively as well as teaching the rest of HFS about one of our core values, responsibility.


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In IPC this week, we learned about what causes day and night and time zones. The children were  easily able to appreciate this structure with their international backgrounds.

In maths, we turned our attention to percentages. The children tied this back to their learning on fractions and decimals and they can now quickly convert between the three.

In English, we continued our focus on narrative poems with this week’s focus being on the classic poem, ‘The Highway Man’.

The children summarised the poem with the help of storyboards and drama.



That’s all for now folks! Have a great weekend!

Week 2 update

Hello all! This week we’ve been getting stuck into our new topics for this term.

In IPC, we have been investigating natural phenomena such as the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field. Following on from their work

last week using compasses, the class got a chance to make their own compasses.




The class now have a better understanding of magnetism and the structure of the Earth. They are also becoming more adept at posing ‘big questions’ and working like scientists as they

attempt to prove or disprove their theories.



The class also carried out research on the differences between the Earth and the Moon. They recorded their findings using Venn diagrams. It was

very impressive to see them exercising their curiosity and posing original questions.

In maths, we examined the relationship between decimals and fractions. The children are building a strong foundation for future work in maths as their knowledge of

place value becomes more secure and developed. They can now convert between decimals and fractions with ease. Next step, percentages!



Image result for chimp in space wwf

In English, we have written our own narrative poems based on the WWF’s short film, ‘It’s not a planet, it’s our home’.

The children excelled at this, creating poems that could match the power of this film.


That’s all for now folks. Have a great weekend!

First week of new term!

I’ll start by wishing you all a Happy New Year. I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are now well rested and ready for the this coming year.

Here at HFS, we got the year off to a great start by setting goals for ourselves after listening to Mr. Kearney’s assembly on the importance of setting targets.

I was impressed to see the children setting ambitious goals while also reflecting on what they can do to achieve them. Well done everyone and keep it up!


A new term means a new IPC topic and we’ve started a fascinating one on space: ‘Space Scientists’. In this topic we will be looking at our place in the solar system. We will be carrying out investigations in science on gravity, light and other natural phenomena. In international, we will explore the challenges of space exploration and the ethics of space tourism.

In technology, we will take a look at rocket science.


We began by learning more about our home planet. The children investigated how we can prove that the earth is a sphere and that it is moving. Part of this included observing how

shadows change shape and direction throughout the day. This also allowed children to work with new equipment such as compasses while practising essential maths skills like measuring.





We also learned about the force of gravity and its effect on the orbit of satellites and the planets.


The children carried out some research on what the earth is made of using some of the excellent reference books in the library. This was a nice break from using the internet for research and it allowed the children to practise using a book’s index and glossary.



In maths, we have returned to fractions. The children have retained their fraction knowledge well and we will soon be able to relate what we have learned to decimals and percentages.


In English, we have started a new topic on poetry. The children are looking at narrative poems. we began with Edgar Allan Poe’s spooky poem, ‘El Dorado’. The class have been challenged to recite this poem off by heart. Please encourage your child to spend some time learning and memorising the poem.


That’s all for this week. Enjoy the weekend!


Week 16 update

Here we are at the end of a very successful term at Hyundai Foreign School, a term that was filled with fun and learning.


We began the week with our Winter Show which turned out to be a real cracker! Well done to all involved.






In maths, this week we rounded off our measurement unit with some investigations involving measurement. We also explored the relationship between maths and art.




In English this week, the children wrote festive themed play-scripts about a little girl’s Christmas present.

In our final assembly, we showcased our Scratch projects and gave out certificates.

We also said farewell to Tom and Felix who are returning to Germany. It has been a pleasure having Tom in our class and we wish him all the best in his new school.

The Lickerts put on a fantastic farewell lunch on Thursday which was much enjoyed by all. Thank you and safe travels!


That’s all for now. I wish you all a happy holiday and a happy New Year!

Week 15 update

We have been getting  festive here in Year 4/5/6/ as we move towards the winter break. The class have been getting crafty as they make decorations to sell at the winter show. We have been putting the finishing touches on our class performances as well. They are looking great so I think you’re in for a treat on Monday. As a school,  we also took some time to run some extra rehearsals of the winter show play. Please make sure your children go over their lines to hone their performances.

In English this week, we have been writing our biographies. The children are becoming much more adept at adjusting their writing to suit different genres. In maths, we revisited area and perimeter before finishing with some work on reading timetables.

Our scratch games are coming on nicely. We are almost ready for our showcase of our games at our final assembly of the year.

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!




Week 14 update

We’re coming to the end of the first term here in HFS but we haven’t taken our foot off the pedal in  the Year 4/5/6 class. We’ve been kept busy this week with our ongoing Scratch projects and our preparations for the winter show. We have completed two games in Scratch and now that we are feeling confident with coding, we are going to begin developing our own games. To begin this task, the children first developed a ‘pitch’ for their game so they could sell their idea to their classmates. Together the children were able to provide suggestions to each other on how to improve their game. I was very impressed to see that the children were already thinking of ways of coding in the various aspects of their games. Their pitches were full of coding and game development language.

In English, we have moved on to a non-fiction unit on biographies. The children developed their reading comprehension skills while learning about the different features of different types of biographies. They have also begun to create fact files on famous people in preparation for writing their own biographies next week.

In maths, we have worked on solving word problems related to measurement and we have developed our mental maths calculations involving decimal notation. We also had a look at reading bus and train timetables, an essential life skill.

Throughout this week, the children have been developing their musical skills while getting into the festive spirit as we practise our planned performances for the winter show.

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!

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Shark Attack 5000

Ashleigh’s Shark Attack game