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Class Trip, Tuesday 1 May 2017

On Tuesday, 1 May we will be going on a trip to the Ulsan Botanical Gardens to look at the flowers and the animals that they have there. The trip is linked to our next IPC unit, “The Nature of Life”.

We will leave the school at 8:50 am with the bus. Once there the students will explore the gardens and the animal house. They will be given learning activities to complete. We will also be participating in a soap making activity. At 12:30 we will be picked up by the bus and taken to Soepyeong Children’s Park, which is nearby. We will stay there for 1 hour.

We will be back at school by 2pm.

Students must bring:
1) A packed lunch and snack with some water (Nothing that needs to be heated up please).
2) A comfortable back pack.
3) They must wear closed, comfortable walking shoes (no sandals please), hat and sunblock.

If it rains the trip will be rescheduled.
There is no cost for this trip.

Please can you fill in the form below by Friday, 27 April.

Thank you for your support
Mrs Munden

Please click on this link to fill the form in.

End Of Term!

Well done to everyone on a great term!  The students have worked hard and learnt loads.  Sadly, we had to say good-bye to Nikki and Seoyoon and we wish them luck in their new schools.  Thank you to all the parents for your support.  Here are a few highlights of the term…

International Day

20180228_104211 More…

Week 10 and 11 Update

A big update for a busy two weeks.  Last week we had a great time.  Our class had their assembly and they did a great job!  They worked really hard and showcased their many talents beautifully.



Class Update

First, some information for the class.


On Monday it is the Year 3/4 assembly!  It will be at 1:30 in the school hall.  The students have been working hard on to prepare.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Class Books:

Class books have been sent home for the weekend for you to look at.  Please remember to send them back to school on Monday as we will continue writing in them.


Week 8 Update

We’ve reached the end of another successful week.  I think we can all agree that the highlight of the week was the International Food Share on Wednesday.  Thank you to all the moms who cooked the delicious food!


Here are a few comments and notes from some of the kids:


Week 7 Update

t has been an exciting exciting week of learning and Olympics activities.

In English we have started a fiction unit called “Treasure”.  The students started by thinking about what was made treasure special and then writing a descriptive paragraph in the classroom.  We had a great time looking at and sorting different items.  We then watched a short film by the name of “Treasure” and we have begun designing our own junkyards.

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