Week 7 Update

t has been an exciting exciting week of learning and Olympics activities.

In English we have started a fiction unit called “Treasure”.  The students started by thinking about what was made treasure special and then writing a descriptive paragraph in the classroom.  We had a great time looking at and sorting different items.  We then watched a short film by the name of “Treasure” and we have begun designing our own junkyards.

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Week 5

This week has been full of learning.  In maths we have continued to look at our measurement unit.  We explored capacity and mass.  This meant practical work where we looked at measuring and then solving word problems.  The students worked hard and solved some very tricky problems!

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Week 4

After a rocky start, thanks to a burst pipe, we got going quickly on Tuesday with our class assembly.  The students were absolute stars and did a fabulous job!  More…

The end of another busy week…

We have reached the end of another exciting week.  The students have been working hard in class and producing lots of excellent work!  In maths we have been learning about decimals and fractions and in English we have been honing our writing skills.  We have been writing fiction stories which will hopefully be ready to publish next week (watch this space!)

Friday 26 January 074

Writing and editing is hard work!


Maths Investigations!

Today we completed some maths investigations in the class.  The students practiced the skills they have been learning about in fractions through a variety of practical activities and open-ended investigations. IMG_2215 IMG_2216 IMG_2217 IMG_2218 IMG_2219 IMG_2220 IMG_2221


Welcome back from what I hope was both an exciting and restful vacation!  We have hit the ground running this term.  In maths we have gotten stuck into fractions this week and will be continuing to learn about them for the next two weeks.  In English we started with non-fiction and looked at writing explanations texts.


Homework will start again next week.

Monday – Spellings

Tuesday – English activity and maths homework.

Thursday – Maths homework

Friday – Timetables and division facts


A reminder:

Tuesday: PE

Thursday: Library and PE

Friday: Art

Have a good weekend and we will see you on Monday!

Mrs Munden



Our final assembly for the term will take place at 11 am tomorrow in the school hall.

Thank you

East London Class Party

On Friday, 15 December, we will be having our class party at school.

Food:  Students can bring food to enjoy for their party.  If you would like to bring traditional food, that would be great.  Crisps, cupcakes etc are also welcome.  Please remember, there are only 18 students in the class!  Please remember – NO NUTS!

Toys:  Students can bring an inside toy to play with during the day.

Clothes:  Students are invited to wear their party clothes on Friday!