End of Term 1 Update

We have reached the end of the first term. Thank you to everyone for an incredible first term and for all of your help and support. Well done to all the children for working hard and I hope you all have a well deserved break and wonderful Christmas and New Year.

This week, we made our calendars for the start of the new year. The children loved using their fingers and hands to make pictures for each month of the year. I hope you will enjoy displaying them in your homes.

20191213_092945 20191213_092921 20191213_092905 20191213_092847

In IPC, we looked at a map to show how different people’s jobs help us to live and where we can find them in our local area. We used toys to make buildings and vehicles for the map and then made a map of our own.

20191210_143254 20191210_143224 20191210_142914 20191210_142736 20191210_141444 20191210_141440 20191210_140009 20191210_150120 20191210_150124

In your child’s book bag, you will find their reading book and their homework folder with some activities that they could try over the half term. These are suggested activities to consolidate their learning this term and you do not have to do all of these. Please make sure that the children have a rest and enjoy their Christmas holidays. The list of words are the words that your child is learning to read and spell this year. You can practise some of these over the holidays but you do not have to learn them all. They are to be learned throughout the year.

Once again, I hope you all enjoy your holidays, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you in the new term.

Ms Nurse