Class Update 22/11/19

Good afternoon everyone,

This week in Year 1/2, we have been learning about money. We began by talking about money and talked about the different currency which is used in different countries. We then used pounds and pence to learn about the value of money and ordered the coins from the least value to the most. We have practised adding coins to make a total and giving change.

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As part of our IPC topic, we have been learning about different jobs. This week, we have been learning about people’s jobs in the past. We found out about Florence Nightingale and how her job helped change the way that we live our lives today. In Literacy, we used non-fiction books to find out about her and wrote a biography about her life.

Today, we had lots of fun learning how to program a bee-bot. We gave the bee-bot simple instructions using different directions and moved the bee-bot to different places.

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Next week is the Year 1/2 class trip to Kidzania. Please remember to pack a snack, water bottle and a healthy lunch. Don’t forget that the trip will be back later than the usual school finishing time so you will need to make arrangements to collect your child from school at 4:50 pm.

Have a great weekend and see you next week!

Ms Nurse