Class Update 04/10/19

Thank you for sending in photographs of your children during celebrations. The children enjoyed sharing their pictures and memories of celebrations. We used our pictures to create a timeline to show when different events happened, including when we were born. We talked about events that happen every year, such as our birthdays and some which only happen once, like when we are born. We also created a calendar to show the different events that happen every year and then picked two to compare. 20191001_141255 20191001_141301 20191002_150509


In maths, we have been solving problems involving addition and subtraction. We started by doing a colour by numbers but to work out the colours, we had to add or subtract. We then moved onto solving word problems. The children picked different resources that they could use to help them, such as cubes for counting, a 100 square or a number line.

20191002_093220 20191002_093229 20191002_093238

In Literacy, we have been trying to improve our work. We read our stories from this week, talked about what was good about them and how to make them even better. We then re-wrote part of our story using our amendments.

In ICT, Year 1 and 2 made repeating algorithms with motion blocks and learned to control more than one sprite at once. They then made their sprites have a dance party.

IMG_20190930_110443_Bokeh IMG_20190930_110453_Bokeh IMG_20190930_110459_Bokeh IMG_20190930_111503 IMG_20190930_111513

Next week in IPC, we will be starting our technology work and helping to plan our Halloween celebration. We have lots of exciting things to help make.

I hope you have a great weekend.

Ms Nurse