Class Update 27/09/19

This week, we have started the activities for our topic, ‘Let’s Celebrate’. In Society, we talked about the different events that we celebrate and we made a newspaper with information about each celebration. The children worked really together as a team.

20190924_140035In maths this week, we have been learning to add and subtract using different methods. By the end of the week, the children have all been writing their own addition and subtraction calculations. 20190923_093120

20190923_093730 20190926_093535


We also had fun creating our own characters to write a story. Some of the characters included princesses, robots and fairies. The children planned their stories, including a beginning, a middle and an end and then used their plan to help them write their stories.

20190926_112549 20190926_112552 20190926_112537

In PE, we practised balancing; first using a noodle to balance our hoops and then trying to balance as we walked along the balancing beams. The trickiest bit was trying to balance with a bean bag on our heads.

20190923_121825 20190923_121322 20190923_121242

20190923_121151 20190923_121657

This afternoon, the whole school visited the Art Centre and saw some of the work by Monet. The paintings came to life with moving projector images which was really fun.


20190927_145225 20190927_144711 20190927_144446 20190927_144442 20190927_143702 20190927_142911 20190927_142856

Today, the children have received a letter to take home about the winter uniform. Please can these be completed and returned along with the 20,000KRW fee by no later than Friday 4th October.
Next week, we will be learning about celebrations and events that happened in our past. If you have any photographs or information, please send it with your child next week to help us to make our class timeline of events in our lives!
Have a great weekend!
Ms Nurse