Week 7 Update and Spelling

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Dear Parents and Children,


We have had a full week of learning and discovery in the year 2/3 Johannesburg class and the students have outdone themselves in their productivity. It is a welcome relief to get back to regular classes after last week’s disruptions.

We continued our IPC unit on “Scavengers and Settlers” by ending our section on the stone age by attempting to make paintings on stone with tool similar to early man after researching cave-paintings with an online virtual tour of the Lascaux Caves in France. We moved on from the Stone age and researched artefacts from the Bronze age. The students got to play at being archaeologists as they guessed what the artefacts were and what they were used for.




In English we continued making non-chronological reports, this time about our classmates using only facts. The family trees that they did for homework came in handy for this task. The students also demonstrated cross-curricular learning by making non-chronological reports about the Stone age. In grammar we learned that paragraphs are 3 or more sentences grouped together about one subject and we applied this to our report writing. In ICT the students had to type their yearbook messages and email them to me and  will consolidate their learning about non-chronological reports and the Bronze age and create slideshow presentations that I can’t wait to see.



In Math we continued our geometry unit on direction and movement by understanding that right angles can be turns as well as angles. We looked for right angles in objects around us and learned about different types of angles and how to measure them using a protractor. We finished off the week and the geometry unit by learning the names and properties of the four different types of triangles, equilateral, isosceles, right-angle and scalene.




We had a lot of fun in the sun in P.E this week as we practiced net and wall games such as “lobster-ball” and badminton. The students are getting quite adept at maintaining consistent volleys in pairs.



All in all, a very busy week. Next week we will have our GL assessments and begin our new English, Math and IPC units on poetry, measurement and photography respectively.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Kearney

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