Week 5 news, Sports Day and Gyeongju trip

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Dear Parents and Children,

A full and exciting week has passed us by as we approach the half-way mark for term 3. Today we had our sports day and the students showed excellent athletic ability, teamwork and sportsmanship. The most important thing is that everyone had fun competing in the games and a great day was had by all. Well done to those who won prizes. They were definitely well deserved. Thank you to the PTA for the delectable treats for our hard-working athletes.



In Class this week we continued with our learning on the stone age. The students researched how people from the stone age caught and captured food and made clothes as well as looking at how cave paintings were made. We did a curricular crossover into literacy and ICT and read the book “Ug; Boy genius of the stone age” on our tablets to see the challenges of daily life that people of the stone age had to endure.



In English grammar we learned about suffixes and how they change the meaning of a word and we started our unit on non-chronological reports by making presentations about fossils and planned our presentations about our class mates. In Math we reviewed multiplication word problems and applied the grid method to solving these. We also began our geometry unit looking at understanding right angles and clockwise and anticlockwise turns. We will continue this next week.


A full week of learning and an enjoyable day on the field. Next week will be a short week with our planned trip to the Gyeongju Bird Park and Botanical gardens on Thursday 30 May. Please take note of the bus schedule for pick-up and drop-offs for the trip. Thank you to all who have completed the online permission form and submitted the 10 000 Won payment. If you have not done so please complete the form  by clicking here and send the payment to school with your child by no later than Monday 27 May. Thank you for your cooperation in this regard.

That is all for this week. Have a wonderfully sunny weekend.

Mr Kearney

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