Week 4 News and Spelling

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Spelling year 3: grid scavenger settler prefix report prehistoric primary secondary source people

Dear Parents and Children,

What an exciting and eventful week it has been. We were happy to meet wit Dr  Jabal and show him our fantastic school. The students were at their best as he visited our class. We also celebrated Reyansh’ birthday and teachers day and conducted our assembly with a flower show and demonstration of teamwork. We even celebrated International Chicken Dance Day by doing the chicken dance.20190516_134039



In our learning this week we started a new IPC unit, “Scavengers and Settlers”. The students eagerly took to researching and understanding how people lived long ago. In groups the students discussed what things people need to survive. How do we get these things today? They had to think about how people long ago would get these things and survive. What would they use to make these things? We had to pretend to be people in the stone age and scavenge for things to build our house and make clothes.  The students also researched fossils on the internet and then got the opportunity to be archaeologists as we looked at and dug up real fossils, understanding the difference between primary and secondary sources.




20190515_145256 20190517_110538



In our English we started planning our “Anthony Browne’ style stories. The students showed great creativity in coming up with characters and how they change as the story develops. In grammar we learned about prefixes and how they change the meaning of a word and we started looking at the features of non-chronological reports for our next unit.

In math we continued practicing our multiplication strategies, refining our skills with the grid method and in P.E we started learning about games involving controlling and hitting balls and other objects to each other in a fixed area and practiced our throwing and catching skills.



I am glad that our plants continue to grow and our self-watering planters were a success and work effectively. I hope the students will continue to care for them in the coming weeks.

That is all for this week. have a great weekend.

Mr Kearney


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