Week 2 update and Plastic bottle for Science Project

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Dear Parents and children,

We have completed our second week of term 3 and I am happy to report that the year 2/3 Johannesburg class is taking advantage of the wonderful Spring weather to grow our plants, herbs and beans. The students are diligently nurturing their plants and monitoring their growth with daily record keeping. We researched the life cycle of a plant and how plants get food through photosynthesis. We also examined different herbs to understand the different uses for plants. I am looking forward to seeing the student’s plants bud and flower in the coming weeks.


Next week we will be making devices for our plants using plastic bottles. Please send a small plastic bottle with your child to school similar to the one pictured below so that they may complete the project.


In English we continued looking at the work of Anthony Browne, with a special focus on his style of writing and drawing and how he uses different techniques to convey emotion. We also learned about opposite adjectives  and how to use a thesaurus to help with our writing. The trip to the art gallery was a special treat where we could see a variety of different children’s authors styles on display.



In Math we continued learning about doubling and halving even numbers extending our understanding to remainders. We completed fun and challenging math riddles to round of the week’s learning. I hope they enjoy completing a few more for homework.


That is all for this week. Please have a wonderful extended weekend with your families on Children’s day filled with sunshine and delight.

Mr. Kearney

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