Week one Welcome Back!

Dear Parents and Children,

It’s great to be back after a wonderful Spring break. We have had a full week of fun and learning in the Year 2/3 Johannesburg class, much of it spent getting our hands dirty as we began planting our seedlings for our “Green Fingers” Unit in IPC. The students filled out “Adoption “certificates” promising to care for their new plants which they had to also name. I look forward to seeing them grow.



They also learned about different plants from around the world and the different climate zones that plants grow in. We took advantage of our natural surroundings exploring which plants growing the most in our area and doing a tally and bar chart to represent our findings. The students are excited about this new unit and I look forward to getting close to nature in the coming weeks as we learn more about plants and the environment.



In English we began our unit on “Stories from significant authors by looking at Anthony Browne’s work. We looked at the similarities in a few of his stories and learned how to write a blurb to entice us to read one.


In Math we practiced our mental math skills with an addition and subtraction test. We will complete one every week as the students see their own progress as they improve on their scores and times. We also learned about halving and doubling single and double-digit numbers, understanding that odd numbers can be doubled but not easily halved.

In P.E. we started learning catching and fleeing activities learning two new games – “Giants, elves and wizards” and “Boats and Oceans” as the students looked at different strategies for catching and fleeing. They certainly worked up a sweat in the gymnasium as the weather is getting warmer.

All in all, a full week and a great start to the new term. Please take note of the term 3 curriculum overview for your review in the class information section.

Mr. Kearney

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