End of term 2 and Holiday Homework

Dear Parents and Children,

We have reached the end of term 2 in great style. This week we rounded up our learning with a number of fun activities.

We started out the week with a fake test to celebrate April fool’s Day – I am happy that not everyone was duped by my cunning ruse.



In English we practiced reciting our poem for the assembly and in Maths we played some board games to practice our adding and subtraction skills. We rounded of our IPC unit on “Super Humans” by learning about how to keep our body healthy and the nasty virus of malaria. The students showed what they learned by making full-size skeletons and organs with descriptions of what they do in our body for display. They look amazing.


Their performance in the final assembly was fantastic. They said their lines well and everyone was entertained and impressed. In class we gave out awards for the top ClassDojo scorers and our reading race. Well done to Chris for receiving the commendation and to Lois for receiving the School Citizenship award. They are well deserved.


For homework during the break students should look at this website by clicking here and do research about different organs of the human body and bring a display of what they discovered similar to the ones we have done in class. They should also do book reviews and complete a tally, bar chart and Carroll diagram as we have learned in class.  They can use these sheets to guide them with their work. There are also some graph and chart worksheets to complete.

Book Review

Body Outline


Bar Chart

Carroll Diagram

Graphs and Charts Homework

I hope everyone has a fantastic Spring Break and I look forward to seeing you on Monday April 22.

Mr. Kearney



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