Week 12 Update, Reports sent home and Parent-Teacher conferences.

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Spelling year 3: compare criteria pattern healthy confidence remember sentence special straight strength

Dear Parents,

Next week is the final week of term 2. We have still covered a large amount of learning in the year 2-3 Johannesburg class this week. Reports went home today. Be sure to check your child’s’ school bag and ensure that you have received it. Please review it and complete the parents comments section in preparation for the parent teacher conferences on Wednesday 3 April. Also, be sure to reserve an interview slot by filling in the form at the admin office should you wish to discuss your child’s’ learning progress. I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

In English we continued to look at elements of poetry. The students crafted wonderful poems about Spring using rhyme, alliteration similes and adjectives. They then typed up their poems in ICT class. We also celebrated International Poetry Day by practicing reciting poems with confidence – tying neatly into our “Star of the Week” theme. Well done to the students for bravely performing sound poems with expression, intonation and alternating volume and pace.


In Math we finished off our unit on data handling by looking at Carroll diagrams. The students understand that different criteria is needed and we can sort things according to the criteria and then analyse the data. They had fun creating their own criteria and surveys to ask their school mates and analyse the facts of the data.


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In IPC we continued learning about the human body, this week focusing on the names of the bones of the skeleton and how it works in conjunction with different muscles to allow us to move. We also looked at how the eye works.

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In P.E. we continued to play cooperative team games with the students competing against each other in teams having to solve different challenges by working together.



All in all another fun week of learning as term 2 draws to a close. That is all for this week. Have a wonderful weekend.

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