Week 11 News and Spelling

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Dear Parents and Children,

Another full week of learning has flown by in the year 2-3 Johannesburg class and we started a number of new things.


Firstly, in English we have learned about features of poems, namely alliteration, as we explored a variety of poems of different topics. The students had fun creating alliteration sentences using their own names. We looked at shape poems and the poems “Friends” and “The Fisherman” by Abbie Farwell Brown and “Bed in Summer” by Robert Louis Stevenson as well as a fun poem called “Spring Showers”. I look forward to them starting to write their own poems next week.



In Math we continued our topic of data handling by learning about Venn Diagrams. The students made actual Venn Diagrams with hula hoops in class.

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IPC was the most interesting as we began our new unit, “Super Humans” about the human body. We learned about the most important organs and what the skeleton is for. We rounded off the week by making moving skeletons.


In P.E. we continued learning cooperative games and the children had a great time working together to solve challenges while competing against another team.


It has been a great week of learning and discovery and I look forward to the next one.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Kearney


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